Apartment Upgrades You Need to Try

When it comes to our homes, we all have one desire: comfort. Comfort, for most people, means having a place where you can rest after a long, taxing day. But to find the utmost comfort in your apartment or flat takes, quite ironically, a ton of effort. In fact, it takes more than a freshly lit scented candle and a new set of furniture. 

So, if you’re looking for a sign to spice up your space, look no further. Ahead, we covered some apartment upgrades that are ultimately worth the try:

Liven up your dining room. 

There’s no doubt that the dining room is the place that holds the most picturesque memories. This area is where the entire family gathers to share a meal while discussing and sharing stories. As such, updating your dining set can work wonders. Start by looking at furniture rentals or leasing – they’re much cheaper than paying for a dining set upfront, only to end up not loving how it looks in your place. 

Additionally, renting your furniture gives you that spazz you’re looking for sans commitments. It will liven up your space in no time, and there’s something for every aesthetic – whether modern, minimalist, or rustic!

Apply new wallpaper.

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh pop of colour. But since painting your walls is a no-go with rental spaces, the next best thing is to get new wallpaper – specifically peel-and-stick ones! You can go for plain colours or bold with prints to create an accent wall. Accent walls are perfect if your apartment has a dull space. Choosing a different hue, pattern, or texture from the adjacent walls draws attention and becomes the room’s focal point. Not to mention, it’ll make your space feel like it went through a total renovation – that’s how much of a difference it makes!

Give your appliances an upgrade. 

You’re not imagining it – if you’ve been hearing a distant hum in the kitchen, your refrigerator is the culprit. And yes, it’s time to put it to rest. We understand that appliances really cost a fortune, so changing them every once in a while is not the most practical thing. But the thing is, you’ll actually end up paying more with your old appliances – they are not as energy-efficient as new ones, so it’ll bump up your electric bill. 

Great news: you can actually rent appliances like refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, TVs, toasters, and every household necessity: rice cookers. Renting appliances will not only save you bucks, but it’ll also be the cherry on top of your apartment upgrade.

Have a designated space for working.

It’s usual for people to work in the same room they sleep in, especially if they’re working from home. But in reality, it’s not. Setting up your work area in your bedroom may affect your focus and productivity since your body will be craving a nap instead of checking things off your to-do list. It’s best to set up your home office in a different room, so you can focus only on working and avoid distractions as much as possible. It also promotes a healthy boundary between your place of rest and work.

Modify your bed.

The ultimate place of comfort would be no other than our bed. When it’s time to hit the sack, the last thing we need is a rock-hard mattress that will hurt our backs more than soothe us to sleep. We all deserve a good night’s sleep, so reward yourself with a cosy bed. Upgrading your bed might seem mundane, but trust us – it’ll make all the difference. A new bed means you can sleep more comfortably – and better sleep quality means improved mental function and stronger immunity!

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