Avoid These Mistakes In Your Living Room Design

One of the hardest parts about putting together a home is trying to get all the picture-perfect ideas bustling in your mind to complement what you see on social trends  – whether it is the latest living room furniture rental or a bold coloured wallpaper that caught your eye. This is why being fully aware of your personal style and what makes you truly feel at home goes a long way. It is common practice to determine the right interior décor and likewise with some design knowledge, understand the dynamics of a welcoming space. To make sure you are creating the living room of your dreams, we navigated the latest trends and filtered out a few mistakes that many modern homeowners encounter today.

Prioritising aesthetics over comfort

Prioritising aesthetics over comfort

It’s tempting to have a visually stunning living room. But how sure are you of it being warm and inviting? According to design experts, the presentation alone is not sufficient. To invest in a balanced look, it’s best to refrain from over-styling if you’re looking for coziness. When it comes to furniture pieces, make sure to test the sofa by trying it out in the showroom. This way, you can get a feel of the fabrics and comfort levels of the upholstery.

Failing to measure space for the sofa

Picture installing a sofa in a living space that doesn’t fit. Sounds disastrous, right? Forgetting to measure the room can be detrimental to accurate sofa placement. Essentially, a sofa is the heart of your living area and is one of the first things guests notice when entering a home. So, there can’t be room for mismatches. Before making a purchase for a sofa rental, it’s a good idea to properly measure a sofa and see if it fits within the intended space. In fact, there are more details to consider than just dimensions to make them look and feel right. These may include visual consistencies such as extra texture, pattern and colour to pull together a great living room layout. Failing to do so fractures the functionality of a well-curated piece.

Ignoring positions of décor

living room designs

Incorrectly positioned décor pieces can throw off the entire balance of a living room space. That said, plain walls are monotonous for a living room. Simply decorating the walls with artwork and picture frames will be an unpleasant sight if it doesn’t really add beauty or elevate your living room unless the colour palette of the walls matches the mood of your entire hanging collectibles.

Bad lighting

Bad Lightning

The numerous design-forward luxury fixtures available for lighting are almost overwhelming. For a place like the living room where people relax, curl up with a book or socialise, proper lighting elements can have a profound impact. After all, who would want to have a beautifully designed living room if you’re just sitting in the dark? Lighting, being the prime detail of a room, has an effect on every object occupying it; from rugs, plants to sculptures. Hence, learn to choose the right illumination levels and ambiance that you would like to highlight using your favourite objects on display. For airy natural aesthetics, we’d recommend allowing a fair amount of sunlight to enter through the windows.

Selecting the right design for your living room is the perfect way to create a statement while taking in comfort, form, and flow. Lian Huat Furniture Rental shares impeccable interior design services with exquisite levels of beauty. Whatever the size of your project, getting it right is key to us as it is to you. Call us for all your living room furniture rental needs to avoid the most common mistakes happening to you.

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