Dining Table Rental For Small Living Spaces

dining table rental

Did you know that Singapore is the best country for expats from East Asia? According to the most recent survey from ECA International, the city state continues to be a great place for expatriates to stay while they pursue their careers. Singapore beat out several other countries and cities like New Zealand and Bangkok precisely … Read more

Avoid These Mistakes In Your Living Room Design

Living room furniture rental

One of the hardest parts about putting together a home is trying to get all the picture-perfect ideas bustling in your mind to complement what you see on social trends  – whether it is the latest living room furniture rental or a bold coloured wallpaper that caught your eye. This is why being fully aware … Read more

On Living Smart: Rent A Furniture

Rent a furniture

Singaporean millennials living a fast-paced life prefer a more practical and smarter lifestyle. Gone are the days when you had to save up a large portion of your income to decorate where you live with your own furnishings, which for some seems increasingly out of reach. With student debts and housing markets jumping further off … Read more