Dining Table Rental For Small Living Spaces

Did you know that Singapore is the best country for expats from East Asia? According to the most recent survey from ECA International, the city state continues to be a great place for expatriates to stay while they pursue their careers. Singapore beat out several other countries and cities like New Zealand and Bangkok precisely because of the nation’s world-class education system, cityscape and infrastructure along with its housing options

For many expats, housing is a key aspect of their stay as it provides them with a cosy and comfortable place to return to after work. But, buying a home is out of the question for many expats especially when considering the costs associated with purchasing a home and the fact that they will only be here for a limited period. For many expats and their families, the best option is to rent a home along with the furnishings that are required. From their living rooms to the bedrooms, most furniture is usually rented.

One important area in the home which demands added devotion and care, in its set-up and arrangement, is the dining room. After all, the dining room is a place for the family to gather after an exhausting day at work or at school to share about their day. It is important to optimize the space available in the rental home whether it is a simple flip-out table that folds out when it’s time to eat or a dining table rental that helps  create a cosy mealtime experience. Check out these four ways in which you can create  a luxurious dining experience in your home away from home!

1. Choosing The Right Shape For Your Dining Table

dining room sets for rent

When optimising your dining room to maximise the space available, one easy tip is to select a round dining table. While there are a wide variety of shapes available like rectangular tables or oval shaped rental tables, experts unanimously suggest that a rounder table is ideal for tight spaces. When you choose a round table as part of a dining room sets for rent, you are able to create a comfy atmosphere and allow your loved ones to feel closer to one another. Another benefit of round tables is that you won’t need to worry about little ones bumping into sharp edges. You can choose to complement the table with cushioned benches. This type of seating can accommodate more guests and adds a luxurious feel to your dining space.

2. Tight Corners Aren’t Always A Bad Thing

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Tight corners? No problem. Use tight corners to your benefit when you create your dining room space. One way is to install a cushioned bench against the corner. After which, you can consider renting dining room furniture to complete the dining room layout. Don’t forget to add in some throw pillows for maximum comfort during mealtimes.

3. Consider Your Needs

dining room sets for rent

If you’re an expat working in Singapore, creating a cosy dining room within limited space is important. If you will only need the furniture set for a fixed period of time, then renting dining room furniture is paramount in ensuring that you have a luxurious dining room experience.  It is always important to take into account just how large of a dining table you will need as there are a variety of dining room sets for rent that can accommodate two to three flatmates or a multi-generational family all under one roof. It goes without saying that if you are staying with several people, consider investing in a dining set with 4 chairs or a dining table fitted with 6 chairs.

One plus point with investing in rental furniture is that you can repurpose it for different needs. Your dining table can double up as a workspace or study space! You can make good use of your dining room set for rent by using it to enjoy a meal or a setting in which you can clear work related tasks.

4. Get House Plants For An Extra Oomph!

dining room sets for rent

One trick used by interior designers is the use of houseplants. Whether they are ornately assembled succulents or simple fern plants, the choices are endless! Pick a plant that complements your dining room and which is best suited for the climate. Apart from just giving a bright pop of colour, house plants can create the illusion of a bigger room! Try adopting a tall indoor plant for your dining room too. This is a simple way to draw the eye upward, thereby making the room appear larger. Purchase a plant from your local nursery and place it in your dining room.

Create A Fantastic Dining Room Experience Even If You’re Tight On Space

Having limited space doesn’t limit your creativity nor your ability to design a luxurious dining room space! Live smart when you rent furniture for your dining room space. The cost of a dining room set for rent will not break the bank and it can be used to temporarily furnish your home. Lian Huat offers a wide assortment of furniture pieces just right for your home. Contact us today.

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