Expats Moving to Singapore: Ways to Make Your Relocation Easier

Relocating to Singapore is a great adventure – you get to enjoy a wide range of different cuisines and explore the vibrant local scene in this extremely safe city-state.

However, moving to a foreign country can also be stressful and draining, especially if you’re doing it alone, without any relocation advisors to make the transition easier for you.

From dealing with accommodation to sorting out your paperwork, here are some ways to make your relocation to Singapore easier.

1. Settle all your paperwork and confirm your transport details in advance

Travel documents

Ensure that all the important documents are in order before you leave your country. This should be done at least a month before moving. The documents you need to have on-hand are:

  • your passport;
  • VISA;
  • work contract;
  • bank statement; and
  • your travel (train, ferry, or plane) tickets

Do also remember to pay all outstanding bills and cancel your paid memberships and subscriptions in your home country before you leave for Singapore.

2. Find and book your accommodation

Find and book your accommodation

Never underestimate the importance of having a roof over your head in a new country. A house can give you the familiar comforts of home and better adapt you to the unfamiliar environment.

There are plenty of temporary accommodations like hotels and rental apartments to choose from in Singapore. If you prefer to view a property in person before signing a lease, ensure that you have a place to stay for your first seven nights in Singapore at the very least.

3. Furnishing your accommodation

Furnishing your accommodation

A well-furnished home can instantly elevate your living experience.

However, some rental houses may come unfurnished or partially furnished. If you are uncertain about your future living plans, staying in Singapore for a short while, or simply not ready to commit to buying furniture, you can always rent them first.

Many expats turn to renting furniture to spruce up their house. Renting furniture greatly reduces the upfront costs you have to pay, which is great for expat families on a tight budget and who wish to keep expenses to a minimum in the short run. You don’t have to immediately fork out a large sum of money to furnish your house but can still obtain the same furniture at a fraction of the original price.

Rental furniture also offers you more flexibility to customise your home, at much lower costs. Furniture rental companies provide a wide selection of furniture available for rent, from lounge furniture to appliances to even household accessories.

There are even furniture rental packages available for those with little time to spare. You can do away with the hassle of comparing individual household items as these packages already consist of a selection of furniture that you’d need for your house.

4. Interact with local Singaporeans

Interact with local Singaporeans

Being far away from home may take some time to get used to, but joining a community can make this journey smoother.

It’s tempting to stick to your close friends when in a foreign country, but try mingling and developing friendships with local Singaporeans to widen beyond your expat social circle.

Join a local activity group on social media to find like-minded people that you can click well with. Singapore may be small, but there are many things to do, sights to see, grounds to explore, and attractions to discover together with both your expat and local friends.

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