Long Term Furniture Rental in Singapore: A Must Know Guide

Long term furniture rental in Singapore may be ideal if you are living in an area temporarily or looking to enhance the aesthetics of a seemingly lifeless area in your home. It could also be beneficial if you are having a hard time choosing furniture and would like to try out a few pieces first.

After all, changes are inevitable. And as you go through major transitions in life, your furniture will never have to weigh you down. If you’re already considering this option, here are pieces of information worth knowing.

1. You can start shopping online.

start shopping online

Furniture Rental companies in Singapore usually have a website that clients can visit. You can search for furnishings that you want to rent and book them online. You can also enquire about prices and packages by using the contact page.

You get to save time as you no longer have to travel from one shop to another. It will be easier to view catalogs at your convenience. You will also be able to see their rates, which helps a lot if you are still gathering funds.

Our showroom carries a more comprehensive range of furnishings which you can view up close. Fix an appointment with us and you can then decide if they complement your home.

2. You can rent only a single piece of furniture.

rent chair

If you are thinking of starting with only one piece of furniture, that would be possible too. The only condition is that you abide by the minimum rental period, which is usually one month.

If you are only missing an accent chair or a coffee table, you can always subscribe to living room rental on those pieces alone. You will not be obliged to bring home pieces you do not need.

If you would like to rent two or three pieces of a single item, that is also possible. All you have to do is state the quantity you wish to rent and a Leasing Consultant will be contacting you for further information.

3. You can contact the rental company for issues.

contact the rental company for issues

If you would like brand new pieces, say you are looking for lounge furniture rental services, you can always let the staff know.

Other than that, you are assured that all furnishings are taken care of before they are delivered to their new home. They are properly maintained and you also will not have to worry about damages beyond normal wear-and-tear.

You can contact the rental company should any issues arise with the furnishings and maintenance will be covered at no extra cost to you. This should be included in your contract so be sure to review it before signing.

4. You do not have to worry about delivery.

not to worry about delivery

Once you have already decided which pieces of furniture to rent, the company will take care of the delivery for you. You need not worry about renting a vehicle for your bedroom furniture rental.

If you are not around, you can also authorize a representative to receive your order on your behalf. Nearing the end of the rental term, you can contact the Leasing Consultant to arrange a pick-up.

If you wish to keep the items longer, you can also arrange for that at an additional cost. This is also why long-term rental can earn you more savings, as the cost is more flexible and cheaper overall.

Get in Touch with Furniture Rental Company for Further Details

Clarify with the furniture leasing company if a deposit is required and how many days they need for preparation. It may not be possible to receive the furniture the next day so it is best to place your order in advance. If anything, you can always contact the Leasing Consultants for more information.

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