On Choosing The Best Accent Chairs For Your Dining Room

For many, the dining room is a hub of activity where people meet up, eat and rejoice in good company. And when it comes to large gatherings, a home dining area must be able to accommodate everyone. With seasonal holiday activities celebrated in Singapore on a frequent basis, setting up an ideal dining area can be tricky when you are trying to find the perfect set that is spacious, elegant, and comfortable.

Similarly, most dining chairs consist of hardwood or in some cases metal and plastic with little to no cushioned upholstery, leading to an unpleasant encounter after sitting in for more than an hour. Hence why introducing accent furniture enlivens your whole dining experience. You can invest in dining room sets for rent that adds colour, definition, some excitement, and drama to delight the eye. Convenient dining interiors offer a unique experience while making it a lot easier for guests to feel at ease at a table than feeling cramped.

After all, hosting too many people into a space where their elbows clash against each other is displeasing. Whether it is a dining set with 4 chairs or a dining table with 6 chairs, the general rule of thumb is to have enough room for every guest seated next to each other. With accent furniture, such issues can be avoided.

What is the purpose of an accent chair?

Although dining chair options might come off as dull and repetitive, the flexibility that accent furniture offers go beyond just functionality. Used for its ornamental value, you might find it far less essential, but it sure stands out against the overall mood and style of your dining space.

Derived from the word “accent” which means distinctive emphasis, when you bring in a chair cleverly crafted to stand out from the rest, that chair is known as accent furniture. It could be anything from style, colour, size, and fabric textures that play into execution. Having many options to choose from, these tips make it easy for you to create a dining room space with accent chairs that work for every occasion.

Breakfast with a view

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Accent chairs are more than just a quick fix. It takes comfort as a priority and can easily be swapped with regular dining chairs as they fit into every nook and corner depending on their size. If you want to brighten up a dull morning routine, take advantage of the warm sunny glow and fresh air by placing the accent chairs in front of a window. After all, starting your day with some dose of nature can uplift your mood and spirit. We also recommend upholstery in a high-density foam seat backed with a durable base if there are kids occupying the space.

Size and space of your dining room

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Seating accessories that overwhelm space draws negative attention. Therefore, it is important to remember how a piece of furniture takes up space while adding depth to how it will appear. Most homes today have an open layout and accent chairs are the best way to delimit the dining area from an adjoining hall lounge or a kitchen. To balance the entire dynamics of the space, you can also add a buffet sideboard to finish the look.

Think of big, bold colours

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Dining rooms involve a lot of traffic, be it curry bowls, plates full of meals, buffets from an adjacent surface, or passing dishes around the table. What’s more, there will be accidental spills from food and drinks so picking a material that is easy to clean is useful, particularly when hosting. Go for darker textures and strong colours for seat fabrics since accent chairs come off as easy targets for stains.

Looking for furniture pieces or accent items that could make a stately addition to your home? You could rent dining room sets from Lian Huat Furniture Rental. We curate a  wide range of high-quality furniture with understated designs to ease you into setting up your dream entertaining space!

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