On Living Smart: Rent A Furniture

Singaporean millennials living a fast-paced life prefer a more practical and smarter lifestyle. Gone are the days when you had to save up a large portion of your income to decorate where you live with your own furnishings, which for some seems increasingly out of reach. With student debts and housing markets jumping further off the radar, homeowners have started to embrace the rent furniture concept as the most efficient solution. Doing so has expanded cost-effective furniture functionality and helped them move away from long-term ownership of products that are more cumbersome and wasteful.

Furniture rental is a great approach for all. It feels pleasingly modern in a time when owning less means more. If you’re still not convinced about sitting on this idea, worry not! Below, we explain why furniture shopping at the best furniture rental store is one of the most sought-after alternatives to put your money in.

Mobility Freedom With No Strings Attached

Whether you are a foreign student, an expat couple, a single parent doing all the chores, or a young family just starting out, the idea of locking into a long-term commitment with home furnishings can be tiresome. Settling into a new situation while paying extortionate rates at premium retailers may not be a wise decision if it demands to be used for an extended period of time. When making a purchase, you are restricted to sticking to this furniture for decades even when it goes out of style. Renting trims down the hassle of being weighed down by commitments with long duration, especially for homeowners who are always on the move with tons of life changes that require temporary furnishings.

Retains Original Value

Each year, companies develop new ways for people to buy, care for and pass on products that they use. Considering investments like real estate and gold, the value of store-bought furniture appliances depreciates over time regardless of how attractive they looked the first time, making it hard for you to sell. Rented furniture allows you to opt for a short-term lease which makes upgrading or replacing your home space quickly. Plus, the original value lasts through several moves and transformations.

Saves You And The Environment Around You

Compared to a full purchase, getting furniture on rent could save you from excessive spending. Your payments are made on a leasing period and the items are later returned once it is over. This strategy works well for people who live on a temporary basis while still wanting to make their home a liveable environment — since the dreaded idea of moving furniture from house to house is a long, drawn-out process. Therefore, having someone like a furniture rental provider do the heavy lifting for you to get that piece of furniture up the stairs and into your living area would be worthwhile.

It might not cross one’s mind but battered furniture ends up in landfills, potentially allowing chemicals to seep into the surrounding earth. When furniture is rented and repurposed, you give new life to it while reducing your carbon footprint.

Live Smart With Lian Huat

If you have any questions about high-end furniture leasing, we will make every effort to follow up on your concerns. Lian Huat offers an eclectic collection of furniture pieces that can be right for you. Contact us today.

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