Study Room Furniture Cleaning for Covid-19: Traditional Vs Modern

In times of uncertainty, especially during a pandemic such as the COVID-19 crisis that is felt across the globe, mundane tasks like cleaning your study room furniture bring a sense of anxiety, to say the least. After all, we want our loved ones to be safe and healthy. In line with this, it is best to practice due diligence in regard to furniture cleaning since various studies suggest that the coronavirus that causes the said disease can contaminate furniture, doorknobs, home appliances, and others.

Putting the above factors into consideration, it is best to make sure that you practice due diligence in cleaning your study room furniture, whether you own them or rent study room furniture. With regard to this, you may ask yourself, which is the better option:  the traditional or modern approach? Read on for details.

Traditional cleaning

traditional cleaning furniture

If you rent study room furniture, traditional cleaning methods that include using soapy water, bleach, and disinfectant, among others, can play a key role in, flattening the COVID-19 curve (slowing down the rate of infection) or totally eradicating it. This is because if done properly, it can kill coronavirus and other viruses or contaminants that can cause various ailments.

However, first things first, make sure that your cleaning agent is appropriate for the surface of your furniture, since it may cause aesthetic damages. Once you determine that it is appropriate, simply spray it liberally on the surface and wipe with a cleaning cloth (better if made of microfiber) or bar mop towel. Make sure to focus on the most-touched areas for the best results.

Aside from using soapy water and/or disinfectant, you can also try exposing your study room furniture to sunlight. This is a worthwhile move since many studies suggest that it can eradicate viruses, bacteria, and the like. How does it work, you ask. Well, its ultraviolet rays stop the proliferation of viral and bacterial growth. Simply put, it is an organic and passive cleaning method that can complement your COVID-19 prevention goals.

Modern cleaning

modern cleaning

As mentioned earlier, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can eradicate bacteria and even molds, fungi, algae, and so on. But what if you needed to disinfect your furniture and had no direct sunlight? Do not fuss because you can do so with a little help from a UV wand.

With a UV wand, you can disinfect furniture surfaces with the same component that the sun uses to eradicate harmful elements. Some models even allow you to perform it within a couple of seconds. On top of this, they are small enough to fit everyday bags, allowing you to do quick cleanings when going to a public bathroom, a hotel, and so forth.

What is the better option?

Upon checking the benefits that both traditional and modern cleaning methods bring, it is safe to say that both are worthwhile options when it comes to disinfecting study room furniture and can, therefore, contribute to limiting the COVID-19 curve. This, regardless if you rent or own them. Simply put, it boils down to your preferences, needs, and budget. So, go ahead and think things through, then make your choice.

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