Things To Know When Getting Your Sofa On Rent

If you’re looking to renovate your home or are simply in need of a comfy haven, then renting out a sofa might seem like an attractive option. Being able to promote a sustainable lifestyle using refurbished pieces of furniture, it is also comparatively cheaper and far easier than purchasing an item outright.

However, prioritising what you need and setting a clear cut budget will help you make a solid decision and will save you valuable time. It can be quite tricky when you aren’t sure how to navigate through it, so here are a few pointers to keep in mind while choosing your rental sofa.

Setup A Plan

Two Seater Sofa

Planning ahead by envisioning the kind of sofa you want to invest in is a recommended first step. What sort of an atmosphere are you trying to create in your home by updating this particular piece of furniture? How much have you allocated to spend on this?

Preparing your answers to such fundamentals will help you deduce a well-grounded idea of what you’re looking for especially if it is a rental sofa. This can act as a filter and you’ll be able to spot prospective sofas with a lot more confidence.

Sizing Matters

rent chair

Ever heard of the saying, “If it fits, I sit”? If your sofa isn’t in relative proportion to your living space, it can be a hassle and can even ruin an aesthetic. Measuring out and keeping a record of certain sofa dimensions such as height, width and depth will come in handy during your selection process as you will be better informed of the spatial capacity.

Take into consideration how your sofa can be placed in various positions in your room and also be mindful of how small enough it is to fit through your doorways when moving. Bigger furniture can mean bigger risks pertaining to damage to both- your furnishings and your walls- if you don’t ensure sufficient space for movement.

So Does Shape And Style

L-Shape Sofa

A simple, contemporary-designed sofa can provide your space with a modern and sophisticated mood, whereas a single sofa lounger with an extension gives a more cosy impression. The style of your sofa plays a part in the ambience of your home and that is all up to your own personal taste.

Consider the frame of the sofa and look into its shape. Would you prefer an armchair, an L-shaped sofa or a three-seater sofa? If your room is small, you might want to play into illusions and choose a compact sofa. With a larger room, corner sofas are recommended (if you are part of a larger family or are one to host many guests simultaneously) as they will still provide plenty of working space whilst having a seat for everyone.

Don’t Forget Colours And Fabric

Three Seater Sofa

Choosing the appropriate fabric for your sofa plays an essential role in contributing to the overall character of your home, so settle with one that best compliments your scheme. For a traditional look, you could select a classic Chesterfield sofa with a quilted fabric style in a neutral tone. If your home calls for a more modern guise, you could opt for a sofa with minimal design and clean lines; donned in bold colours that work in harmony with the shades on your wall.

Keep in mind that you can always play with the cushions of your sofa if you feel like experimenting with different colours, patterns and textures. There is no need to shy away from self-expression as your home is a mere reflection of your own personality.

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