Top 4 Modern Bed Rental Trends

The bedroom is the most important space in your house for sleep and relaxation. With a proper good night’s sleep, it sets you up for an even greater day.

Whether you’re thinking of a major overhaul or a minor cosmetic upgrade for your bed, take inspiration from these top four bed rental trends that are popular this year.

1. Storage beds

storage beds

Nowadays, beds that double up as storage are common amongst homeowners, especially for those temporarily living in small homes and apartments. A bedroom of any size will benefit from the additional storage units underneath the bed. The storage bed allows homeowners to fit more items into their rooms, without compromising on space.

2. Beds with padded headboards

Bed with padded headboards

The headboard is typically the focal point of a bed and beds that come with padded headboards are all the rage now.

Not only does a bed with a padded headboard elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom, but the headboard also doubles up as a backrest for you to sit back and relax.

When choosing the design of the headboard, it’s important to pick one that will go with your current bedroom colour scheme, decoration, and any potential changes moving forward.

3. Sofa beds/Daybeds

sofa beds

Have guests frequently sleeping over? Why not get a versatile sofa bed/daybed?

 With its hybrid style structure, a sofa bed can double up as a sofa in the day and a standard bed at night. It is a hybrid between a bed and a sofa, which allows your guests to get comfortable day and night.

Many sofa beds have the option to convert into beds for one or two people. With its dual function, a sofa bed is perfect for small living rooms and guest bedrooms.

4. Adaptable beds

loft beds

Children grow quickly and they’ll soon be too big to fit into their baby cot in no time at all. If you’re looking for a rental bed for your child, it’s best to find one that grows with him.

Some adaptable beds include the following:

  • Loft beds: Loft beds are versatile with space-saving concepts. Your child can inject components of his character like adding a table and wardrobe, without taking up extra space in the bedroom.
  • Extendable beds: Extendable beds come with an adjustable base that can be extended as your child grows.
  • Beds with detachable guard rails: Detachable guard rail allows the bed to be converted into a normal bed once your child is ready.

Best Bedroom Furniture For Rental

From storage beds to adaptable beds, the above are some of the beds that are in-trend right now amongst homeowners. Consider bed rental if you’re not staying in Singapore for long. Lian Huat has many bedroom furniture sets available for rent, including beds, lamps, and drawers.

Contact us today at +65 6844 1711 or email to enquire about all our bedroom furniture rental services.

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