1. Cost-effective.
Globalization of the modern world means that relocation for business or family is becoming increasingly common. Buying new furniture for your home in Singapore may not be the most financially-savvy decision, especially if you are not sure when you are going to move again.

2. Convenient.
Moving across continents can be stressful. Take the edge off by renting our furniture. You will not have to worry about your original furnishings getting lost or damaged in transit. What’s more, we will take care of delivery, setup, maintenance and return, creating a seamless and relaxing process for you.

3. Eco-friendly.
Furniture rental is kinder to the environment than buying brand new. By renting, you are slowing down the rate of consuming raw materials required to build new furniture. Protecting mother nature without sacrificing comfort, style, and budget? Win-win, we say.